Charles "the Sniper" Penner is Canada's Top Combative Sports Event Photographer and has been involved in the MMA scene for over 9 years. Working as a Combat Sport Event Photographer since 2008 and also as a Commission consultant and Chief Inspector.

While there are a lot of amateur Photographers or "MMA News Photographers" showing up to events and shooting for free, very few of them have the ability, skill, knowledge and equipment to shoot your event professionally. (There is a reason they don't charge for their time or "finished product", with missed KOs, blurry movement, and galleries filled with missed strikes and NO action/emotion)
Your show costs tens of thousands of dollars but you'll settle for a free "photographer" who gets a handful of lucky shots at an event with HUNDREDS of strikes? Hire a Professional and promote your future shows with HUNDREDS of exciting shots and exposure from many MMA websites that only a Professional Photographer can get you!
-Media shots edited and sent out 30-40min after an event
-The 1st to post "Teaser" albums 1-2hrs later
-Full albums the day after event
-500+ QUALITY shots*, like actual connections and KOs
-Promotion watermarks and images with Sponsor's logos thoughtfully captured with the action!
-Photos provided to all your fighters and their fans, this means they get viewed and shared 1000's or more times! and not only if a fighter buys them from the amateur photographers website.
-Professional/personal connections with industry leaders (See below)

CombatCaptured has the experience to work with Commissions and run your weigh-in, including directing fighters to get the best shots. Working with your video crew to produce images for "Tale of the tape" and other graphics in minimal time for next day coverage. Capturing Fighter posed shots for future promotional material including posters and DVD overlays.

From Press conference and Weigh-in images to Fight and After Fight coverage, No one covers the action better.

Call (780) 934-1644 or email for a quote.

Official Photographer for Rumble in the Cage (Current)
Official Photographer for Reflex Superstore (Current)
Official Photographer for Let's Get It On MMA (No long operating)
Official Photographer for Maximum Fighting Championship (Past)
Official Photographer for AX Combat (No longer operating)
Official Photographer for Pure Fighting Championships (No longer operating)

Has covered events for:
WBC (World Boxing Council)

Events including but not limited too:
Rumble in the Cage
Maximum Fighting Championships/Heat XC
King of the Cage
Pure Fighting Championship
Let's Get It On MMA!
KO Boxing
The Fight Club

Photo Galleries or images appearing on:
+many many more

In print:
FightersOnly Magazine
Edmonton Sun
Association of Boxing Commissions Medical Guide (Cover)
Let's Get It On!: The Making of MMA and Its Ultimate Referee "Big" John McCarthy
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